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In Valor + we advise our services and products to team sports professionals and their clubs. The main objective is to increase the resources and improve the processes by which the professionals will achieve the excellence

Tools for the improvement of the sport management.

Club tools

You can improve the management of your sports club trough our courses and services.

Team tools

Encourage the team bulding in your group and get better results.

 Technical staff tools

 The most advanced technology and formation

The king of sports, able to move multitudes of people and their passions.

It is pure show, the Spanish team sport with more international prestige.

A sport with a large tradition, the perfect combination of force and technique.

The most elegant sport, which is played with the head, heart and a stick.

For sybarite people, a fast, exciting and special sport.

Values, dedication, team and the “third time”. The growing sport.

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We want to help you reach excellence. For this reason, we collaborate with the best companies in the sector to help you optimize results and efficiency.

A Valor + Sport Solutions posem a la teva disposició una gran varietat de solucions que t’ajudaran a assolir l’èxit professional i a dinamitzar teus entrenaments.

La formació dels tècnics és una constant durant la seva carrera. En Valor + Sport Solutions posem a la teva disposició els millors cursos impartits per professionals de primera línia per ajudar-te a que el teu formació sigui permanent, actualitzada i de qualitat.

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Learn how to analyze your rival teams making reports helped with the most advanced applications. Course for scouting staff.

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